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      • Secrets in Salami - Sharing the Secrets in Sydney

        A Home Away From Home Salami Making Adventure

        By: Sara Grazia

        On a wintery Tuesday afternoon, the boys and I at Sausages HQ packed up suitcases full of salami making goodies ready for another traditional foodie adventure. This time we were off to Sydney, to share our Secrets in Salami making with New South Wales enthusiasts. Like each of our salami making journeys, it was an early and cold start to the day. With our bags all packed and weighed, we were bundled up tightly in our coats, hats and gloves and it was off to the airport to check in, have a quick coffee and then board our flight.

        When we arrived in Sydney, the sun was blazing and the temperature …. Mild! Nothing like the weather we we’d just left back in Melbourne.

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      • From Rump To Rafters - Day 4

        A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

        By: Sara Grazia

        It’s been an epic journey over the past few days and today we finish off the last of the meat curing. We’ve made kilograms of salami and now they're resting ready for hanging later in the afternoon. Before we get to that stage however there is still quite a lot of work to be done finishing off the pancetta, capocollo, prosciutto and other meats that will be cured over the next several months.

        Our variety of cuts have been under salt for the past couple of days and now need to be cleaned, seasoned, wrapped and hung. One of the downfalls of cleaning the meat is that it needs to be done using cold water and on a cold winters day, your hands feel very quickly like ice blocks. With 12 cuts to clean, it was looking to be a long and cold process. I have a cup of warm water at arms length and after every couple of cuts I clean, I stopped and wrap my hands around the cup to thaw them out. 

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      • From Rump To Rafters - Day 3

        A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

        By: Sara Grazia

        sausages made simple salami making with sara grazia

        For the past 2 days I've  been busy breaking down a 200kg pig for the production of homemade sausages, salami and an array of cured meats. We've been to the farm, deboned the carcass, salted the meats, mixed recipes and now today we start producing.

        Day 3 is salami making day! This is always an exciting part of the process. This year we’re making 7 different types of salami. Usually we would only do a couple of variations, mamma's recipe – that has remained the same ever since I can remember. Over the years I've tried adding a change or two and every time I've been beaten away with a wooden spoon, so I learnt its best not to mess with a tried and tested formula.

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    2014 Winter Courses Now Booking

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    Sausages Made Simple - In The Herald Sun - Melbourne's best courses to do this winter

    Where to whip up your kitchen skills in Melbourne.

    Melbourne is awash with great ways to fill any gap in your knowledge, with classes teaching everything from butchery to brining, with curing, cakes, spices and salami all on the menu. 

    Here are our picks for some of Melbourne’s best courses to do this winter. 

    Sara Grazia for Herald Sun Newspaper

    Sara Grazia runs salami making and prosciutto making classes.

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