Meat Starter Cultures & Moulds


Meat starter cultures (bactoferm) and mould cultures for salami and cured meats production, are an important part of the meat curing ingredient family.

Meat Starter Cultures

Meat starter cultures are integral components of making consistently good salami. They help to protect against bad bacterial contamination. Our meat cultures are sourced from the best producers in Europe and are easy to use. They aid in initiating a safe fermentation with good bacteria rather than allowing time for infection of the undesirable bacteria.

Salami starter cultures are an essential ingredient that aid in starting off the fermentation of your meat using desirable bacteria. Minced meat is especially susceptible to going off fast, so don't delay, get some good bacteria soon and you will be on your way to a healthy salami fermentation.

White Mould 

Our penicillium mould is a pure culture that produces a dry, safe white mould. Under ideal conditions it flourishes and gives the salami and cured meats the traditional white mould look on the surface. It protects the meats from the other toxic moulds that can penetrate and infect your produce by inhabiting the surface of the meat quickly. Easy to use and pure from the best European producers. Just mix with water and spray on the meat before hanging. Then wait and see as the spores develop like little white leopard spots all over your meats! 

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