Sausage Casings & Meat Curing Wraps

Salami in casings with a roll of twine



Sausage Casings & Salami Casings

Casings are used in the production of fresh and cured sausages (such as salami and chorizo) to contain your meat mix. They also aid as a barrier against contamination during the drying and curing process. Casings come in a variety of widths and lengths to cater to all your fresh sausage and salami making needs. 

  • Fresh casings - Natural
  • Dried casings - Natural
  • Synthetic casings


Our fresh sausage casings are clean, high quality graded natural animal casings. They are maintained in a bag in salt and are non offensive in smell, so all you need to do is soak them in some water to remove the salt, rinse and use thereafter. The larger the bag size, the more economical the price will be. From the thinnest of sheep casings to large ox bungs, you can choose your ideal size to suit your preferred use.

Our dry casings are uniform in size and the type called 'Middles' come with a handy hanging string on one end. Strong and simple to use they are great for first time salami makers and handy for popping your larger cured meats into. We recommend the smallest size #43 for your Cacciatore style salami and the largest #125 for your Coppa and cured meat bellies.

The 'Soppressata' casings are also very popular and come in a variety of similar sizes like the 'Middles'. The smallest are perfect for quick drying small salami through to the extra large that can be used for use on your large Coppe and Pancette. 

Meat Curing Wraps

Meat curing wrap sheets are used in the production of cured meats. They are easy to use and highly recommended as a protective barrier between your raw meat and any bacterial or toxic contamination.
  • Dried wrap sheets - Natural
  • Collagen wrap sheets - Synthetic

The dried sheets can be used dry or dampened slightly and come in ready to use individual sheets catering for pre-cut meats such as pork necks and pancette.

The collagen sheets can also be used dry or dampened slightly and come in lengths so you can cut the sheets to the desired size. This is handy if you make a variety of meats that come in different shapes and sizes. So you can cut the sheet to whatever size you desire.




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