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Passata, Salsa, Tomato Sauce

For decades, passata (commonly known as tomato sauce) has been produced in homes all around the world. Some people grow their own fruit, while others scamper around markets trying to find the ripest tomatoes for this year’s batch of sauce making. Nothing you buy in your local supermarket can compare to the freshest flavours of ripened fruit, squeezed of every last bit of pulp, no added preservatives, just a full natural flavour.

Make litres or simply a small amount for yourself. Get your neighbours involved, invite a few friends or family around to help (there will be dishes to clean) and enjoy the Italian experience.

Tomatoes are in season for only a short time, but your sauce can last you the entire year if made properly – without adding any preservatives! 

Our small to large machines help you to make the much loved salsa each and every summer. Plump ripe tomatoes, green fresh basil and a good sauce machine are essential to making a good salsa.

Our tomato sauce maker  is a convenient little machine made in food grade plastic with a handy large hopper. It even comes complete with the accessories to try your hand at some fruit jam while the summer fruits are plentiful. 

For the more ambitious or larger producer our Tre Spade mincers made in Italy are an excellent tomato salsa maker. They can be purchased with the salsa accessory made in strong quality food grade steel, the pulping screens and strong motors help you turn kilograms of succulent ripe boiled tomatoes into sweet smooth tomato salsa.    


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