About Sara Grazia - "Melbourne’s Sausage Queen"

Sara Grazia

Growing up in a traditional Italian household, Sara realised a need to keep the traditional Italian preserving and curing arts a dominant part of her life as her parents got to an age where they were no longer able to make their own produce the way they once did. For many years she assisted family and friends produce their own preserves and small goods. This lead to a professional interest and the birth of Sausages Made Simple.

Old family photos black and white

"The traditional authentic touch"

Being the youngest of a large traditional Italian family of 6 children, with a patient and loyal mother and a strict Italian father, Sara learned her skills from a very young age. Until she was old enough Sara would observe how her own family reared their own animals on their family farm ready for slaughter in the winter months.  When she reached an age where her Mamma felt she was old enough to wield a knife, she would keep her close, and with patience slowly and meticulously guide her through the multitude of tasks involved in traditional sausage, salami and cured meat making.

                                                                          Sara Grazia   Sara Grazia   Sara Grazia

For many years Sara practised at mastering the methods and techniques before immersing herself completely in the process with local artisans and professional producers in Italy.

With her natural warmth and engaging personality, Sara set to work enhancing her skills and becoming a noted professional in her own right in a male dominated industry. Being nicknamed

“La Regina della Salsiccia”

Which when translated to English means “The Sausage Queen” by a local Italian producer, she took it upon herself to share and educate the rest of the world in these traditional arts before they were lost completely. When she returned to Australia many said that she would not be able to make a business out of sausage making, let alone be paid for the service. With a desire and passion for producing her own fresh produce and living the lifestyle she wanted to promote, it was an unforced extension of her already skilled past.

                                                                           Sara Grazia   Sara Grazia   Sara Grazia

With her genuineness and passion for the art, she ignited a curiosity in people, and they flocked to her classes to see and participate in an ancient process that has been mastered over generations.

From the success of her education programs Sara broadened her outlook to those that were unable to attend her classes in person with the production of her ‘Made Simple Series’. A range of educational guides that walk the reader through each specific process step by step.  From this came the production of her first DVD, and a range of ready to use sausage, salami and curing kits. These kits offer the user the confidence and instruction on how to make their own fresh produce simply and successfully at home. Whether they are a first timer or a seasoned producer Sara, through Sausages Made Simple, is giving individuals a modern lesson in a traditional art.

Over the 15 years of instruction our Sausage Queen has enjoyed the success and fun of different media appearances and teaching various popular tv personalities. Her two appearances on the variety show “Postcards” exhibited her both at her award winning restaurant “Aperitivo” and more recently our lovely current bar in West Melbourne - the beautiful historical building formerly known as the Railway Hotel. Which is home to many of its own secrets and interesting history.   

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