Food Vacuum Machines & Bags

Vacuum machine



Lock in flavour and succulence by sealing when fresh.

Vacuum Sealing Machines (or food savers) are designed to keep your fresh and dried produce, crisp, succulent and full of flavour. Vacuum packing your produce is a great way to extend the life of any food based produce up to 5 times longer. 

By avoiding contact with air, your produce will be naturally preserved within the vacuum bag, prolonging the safe life of your food. Vacuum packing your food does not mean it will last forever, however the process will give you an extended shelf life on whatever is stored inside.

Use them to: Freeze - Poach - Marinate - Or just to maintain freshness… 

Use them for: Fresh and cured sausages - Cuts of meats and poultry - Fruit and nuts - Or anything you desire!

Easy to use, easy to maintain, a 'must have' for every sausage and salami making enthusiast. 


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