Sanelli Professional Series Knives




Sanelli professional series knives and accessories are produced in Italy by expert knife specialists. They have been specifically produced for processors of meat products and hunters.

This collection has been specially produced and selected to assist those working with these type of tools on a daily basis. The convex shape of the blade edge guarantees an efficient support when the user has to exert considerable force. The edge is not subject to chipping.

Their precision cutting has given Sanelli knives reputation for quality and are used throughout Italy's top restaurants, they are a favourite for many of Italy's top chefs as well as chefs throughout central Europe. 

Sanelli knife handles have an exclusive ergonomic design, specially created as the result of studies carried out at the Milan Polytectic - Ergonomics of Posture and Movement department, and tested by computerized experimental tests.


Each model Sanelli knife is made for a specific use. Do not use the knife for any other purpose. Do not let the blade come into contact with hard surfaces (ceramic tile, granite worktops etc.).


Sanelli knifes can be washed in a dishwasher as long as you make sure that it is removed immediately after the cycle is completed. It may also be washed by hand, using ordinary household detergents. In this case, make sure that you remove all the debris that easily accumulates on the blade in the area near the handle: take special care to clean your knives well after using them in contact with corrosive substances: for example, oxidation is accelerated by the abundance of sodium chloride found in fish processing. In general, all organic liquids are potentially harmful if left in contact with the blade for many hours.


You should sharpen your knives with the sharpening steel. If you use a grindstone, make sure that you use specific abrasives and a cooler: tempering could cause a loss of hardness and breakage.

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