Meat Curing Wrap Sheet - Collagen

$25.00 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

This curing wrap is a food grade, man-made collagen that comes in one continual length. This product is used in the production of cured meats such as pancetta, capocollo, prosciutto and others.

Curing Wraps are used to encase your seasoned meat, giving it a protective layer during the drying and curing process. These wraps sheets will allow the moisture to be released from the meat, assisting with the drying process; at the same time aiding in creating a secure barrier to avoid any contamination infecting your raw produce as it hangs and cures.

This product can be used wet or dry.

Directions for use

Cut the sheet to your desired length and submerse it in cool water or wine until completely covered by the liquid (a few seconds is generally long enough), then lay the sheet out flat on a smooth even surface.

  • 38cm and 57cm wide
  • Available in lengths of 5mt, 10mt and 100mt
  • Cut to desired length
  • Store in a dry cool place


For maximum benefits we recommend using our curing net and a netting tube in conjunction with this product. See table below for general advice on what sizes will suit your needs.




Under 700g



700g – 1kg



1.1kg – 1.5kg



1.5kg – 1.8kg



1.8kg +



 *The table above is a general size guide, please be advised that we can not offer you a size guarantee as these products are used for processing natural ingredients where size and weight will vary from cut to cut.

Bulk buy discount available for this product.