Disposable Protective Clothing Set

$22.00 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

This disposable clothing set comes with a disposable coat with velcro fastenings, a disposable apron, gloves, feet/shoe protectors and a hat.

These items are protectors and can be worn over general outerwear, such as winter coats and bulky  sweaters and tops. These disposable garments will help keep your clothes protected from any mess caused during the processing of the meat.

This set is ideal for those working in domestic, light commercial and industrial spaces were cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance.

These items are designed to be thrown away after one use to avoid any potential cross contamination of bacteria, germs and disease.

It is not advised that you reuse these items once your daily production is complete.

  • 1x Disposable coat - one size
  • 1x Disposable apron - one size
  • 2x Disposable gloves 
  • 2x Disposable shoe protectors - one size
  • 1x Disposable hat