Dried Sausage Casing

$32.20 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

These casings are used for fresh sausage making and are ready for immediate use, no pre-preparation is required. They are made from a man-made collagen and contain 40% beef hide (natural animal product).

Each individual stick comes in a continual length, simply cut off the amount you want to use and store the rest away. These casings are also flavourless and can be easily stored in a standard food safe container.

Sausage making couldn’t be any easier when using these casings.

Directions for use

Measure the amount of casing you want to use. Cut the length using scissors, tie and knot in one end and slide the casing on to your filling funnel, ready to use.


  • No pre-preparation required, casings are ready to use immediately
  • Size #23 (diameter) casing - 15m per stick (approx.)
  • Size #30 (diameter) casing - 10.5m per stick (approx.)
  • Use for halal

For maximum benefits, we recommend using a Salami Pricker in conjunction with this product.

Bulk buy discount available for this product.