Electric Sausage Maker / Meat Mincer - Tre Spade - 8 Classic

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This electric mincer machine comes from world renowned Italian manufacturer Tre Spade, one of the world’s leading producers of food processing equipment.

This electric meat mincer machine has been specially designed for meat processing with the motor and mincing/filling attachment being individual units that couple together. This benefit of this is the heat generated within the motor when in use, is not transferred through to the mincing/filling attachment therefore keeping the meat cold as it is being processed - a very important element for avoiding bad bacteria that populate quickly when meat is heated.

This machine also comes with a food grade plastic meat hopper and a plunger for pushing the meat into the attachment. This is a great safety feature as it means you will not need to put your fingers anywhere near the moving parts of the attachment while it is in use.

The mincing attachment is constructed of a high quality galvanised iron.The mincing/filling attachment comes with a stainless steel mincing knife and plate (size 6mm or 8mm) as standard, along with a filling funnel (10mm).

This machine comes with 0.47hp motor and is a great entry level electric machine with multi-use options. It can be upgraded with parts to include -

1. Salami upgrade - salami making machine includes the extra plate and filling nozzle for filling larger casings.

2. Tomato sauce making machine with attachment to make tomato puree or salsa.

3. Cheese grater attachment for grating cheese into fine granules perfect for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, making bread crumbs with dried bread and grinding walnuts for cakes.

4.Biscuit attachment will extrude pastry though the machine in different shapes and styles.

  • Easy to use
  • The machine is powered with a 0.47hp motor and comes with a #8 mincing attachment
  • Galvanised iron meat mincing attachment
  • Standard sized #8 stainless steel mincing plate and mincing knife, and food grade plastic sausage filling funnel
  • Components come apart for easy cleaning and storage
  • The attachment can be removed and alternative attachments can be used on this motor – sauce making attachment and a cheese grater attachment
  • Additional stainless steel mincing plates in alternative sizes available 
  • Additional sized filling funnels available (10mm, 20mm, 25mm)
  • Minces meat
  • Fills sausage and salami casings
  • 220-240v induction motor
  • Motor power 300w
  • Anti-slip base
  • Dimensions: 43x20x32cm
  • Made in Italy

Weight: 10k


“ I bought a Tre Spade meat mincer off you about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it! I I’ve had a great time creating my own fresh sausage flavours including an incredibly simple cevapcici that everyone seems to love.” Ben QLD Sept, 2022

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