Fresh Sausage Casing - Sheep

$3.00 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

This fresh sausage casing is a natural sheep casing that has been cleaned and is packed in a salt cake. The salt will keep the casing preserved for a number of months before they need to be used. These casings are top quality, locally processed casings and have a low to nill fragrance.

This is a small/narrow casings ideal for making cocktail sausages or sausages you want to cook quickly. These casings are equivalent to a chipolata size sausage, perfect for cooking with children. 

Simply cut off what you need and clean thoroughly under cool constant running water. The rest of the casing remains in the salt cake and can be put back into the fridge or freezer until needed again.

  • This casing requires thorough cleaning before use
  • Pack sizes available 10m and 45m lengths
  • Small size ideal for entertaining or cooking with children
  • Natural product
  • Locally processed