Hygrometer Digital

$49.50 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

A hygrometer is a device that is used to accurately measure the temperature and humidity in your curing space.

Simply hang the hygrometer in the room or area you wish to hang your salami or meats in for curing at least a few days prior to production. This will give you the chance to use an alternative space if the readings aren’t what you need them to be.

Different products and recipes require different curing conditions; avoid the risk of spoilage by hanging a hygrometer.

This digital hygrometer is easy to read with its LCD screen. It measures the temperature and humidity down to a decimal point, giving you extremely accurate readings of your environment. This unit comes with an adhesive wall holder and adhesive sensor, for easy placement. This unit will need to be calibrated, directions of use enclosed.

  • Its clear LCD display makes it easy and clear for you to read accurately
  • Can be calibrated for inside and outside use
  • Light button for easy reading in dark/shadowed area’s
  • Battery operated
  • Made in Germany

Weight: 165g