Northern Italian Salami Making Recipe Gourmet Box

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Produce your own handmade, Italian salami and chorizo using these traditional recipes and our international best seller Secrets in Salami - Revealing a Delicious Italian Tradition.

Get hands-on with expert and Sausage Queen, Sara Grazia, as she guides you through the salami making process from start to finish using methods and techniques that have been mastered and practiced by her ancestors for generations.

Sara has meticulously selected the recipes you will enjoy in this gourmet box from her mamma's recipe book. These recipes have been developed, mastered and enjoyed over many generations.

With this gourmet box you learn the correct ways to produce your own cured salami simply and successfully with all the specialist consumable products you are going to need to produce quality small-goods at home.

Make an occasion of your salami and chorizo making by involving your family and friends, create some new memories and some really tasty produce in the process.

This gourmet box will give you the confidence and knowledge to successfully make your own air dried salami at home full of authentic flavour and succulence.

No previous experience required – ideal for beginners


This kit contains:

  • Secrets in Salami Making Book valued at $35.00
  • 2 Italian premixed recipes - ready to add to your minced meat - ‘Salame Milanese’ recipe mix / ‘Cacciatore Veneto’ Chorizo recipe mix
  • 1 FREE bonus Secrets in Salami recipe
  • Salami middles
  • Chorizo casing
  • Curing net
  • Salami twine
  • Salami pricker
  • Meat thermometer
  • Gloves and apron
  • Makes 4kg of produce  + 2kg extra pack

*Recipe sachets enclosed are not suitable for fresh sausage making

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