Salami Twine

$4.40 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

Salami twine is a specially processed cotton twine that has been coated with a special food safe coating and is used for the production of fresh sausages, salami and cured meats.

The twine has been specifically designed so that it can be pulled tightly around your produce without damaging or tearing your casings or wrap sheets (it is also gentle on your hands and fingers if you’re tying a lot of product).

There are 3 different options of twine available, they are spindles, small rolls and large rolls in a variety of colour combinations.

This twine is food safe and can be cooked or used for roasting.

  • Made from natural fibres
  • Strong and durable
  • Small spindle size
  • Small roll size
  • Large roll size
  • Made in Italy