Sea Salt - Coarse - Prosciutto

$4.90 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

This is a natural sea salt and is ideal for the production of large cured meats such as prosciutto. The large chunky grains of salt are perfect for meats that need to be under salt for a number of days and require a slow yet consistent penetration. . Due to the coarseness of the salt it is easy to identify which areas of the meat have been covered and which have not.

This salt contains no cures or additives and is pure non-iodised sea salt.

Salt is required to aid the curing processing, salting removes all the excess moisture from within the meat helping the meat dry and mature safely.

You will still need to monitor your salami closely as it dries.

Sausages Made Simple Sea Salts are non-iodised sea salts, helping your meat mix bind together and stop it from breaking apart during the curing process.

  • Non-iodised salt
  • Ultra fine grains
  • Easy to mix
  • Natural sea salts
  • Bad bacteria deterrent
  • Convenient pack sizes