SICO VacMac 250 GN Vacuum Packing Sealing Machine

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SICO 250 GN is the Italian made vacuum packing sealing machine ideal for domestic use, preserving your fresh produce up to 5 times longer.

Equipped with a powerful motor, this machine is ideal for preserving fresh sausages, salami, cured meats, spices, nuts, sauces and a variety of other food items, sealing in freshness, flavour, succulence and crispness.

This is a portable machine that can be used in the kitchen, in the field or even on your boat. Anywhere you need it to be, it can!

SICO vacuum sealing machines guarantee quickness and a professional level of performance. The patented magnetic closing system ensures an easy to use machine, reducing the effort and time involved for the user.

These machines are easy to use and have a number of important features for all your vacuum sealing / food saving needs 

Technical Specifications

  • Sealing Bar - 250mm
  • Sealing - Single Weld
  • Sealing – Automatic / Manual
  • Suction – Automatic
  • Sealing Indicator – Yes
  • Sealing Time – Adjustable
  • Vacuum Indicator – Electronic Vacuum Gauge
  • Autolubricating Pump – 15lt/min (approx.)
  • Vacuum Value – 0.88 Bar (approx.)
  • Opening of the Vacuum Chamber - Manual
  • Accessory Port – Yes
  • Housing ABS
  • Colour – Grey/Black
  • Anti-Sliding Feet – 4
  • Voltage – 220/240V
  • Power – 400W
  • Dimensions – 370mm x 255mm x 110mm

Made in Italy

    Weight: 4.3kg

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