Soppressata Casing Natural - Medium/Large - 20 Pack

$27.00 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

This is a natural dried salami casing used for producing soppressata (for more information on producing soppressata see our Secrets in Salami book for more in depth information on processing and curing) – this casing can also be used for general salami production. The casings have been commercially dried to naturally preserve them prior to use. One end of the casing has been moulded making filling easier, as well as giving it a traditional ‘sock’ aesthetic.

This salami casing is ideal for producing a medium to large sized product, equivalent to a bread stick sized prior to drying and curing.

This is a natural animal product and each individual casing comes with a moulded, sealed end for easy filling. These casings are also flavourless and can be easily stored in a standard food safe container.

Salami making couldn't be any easier when using these casings.

*It is not recommended that you use this casing for producing fresh sausages

Directions for use

Submerse each casing in cool water or wine until soft, slide the casing on to your filling funnel ready to fill.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Moulded, sealed end for a traditional aesthetic
  • Equivalent to size #60 (diameter) casing
  • Pre-cut length 400mm
  • Pack of 10 pieces
  • Use for all meat types

For maximum benefits, we recommend using a Salami Pricker, Curing Net and a Netting Tube in conjunction with this product. See table below for general advice on what sizes will suit your needs.



















 *The table above is a general sizing guideline only.

Bulk buy discount available for this product.