Starter Culture 1 - Chorizo/Cacciatore

$9.20 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

This starter culture is used to induce good natural bacteria into the meat mix during the fermentation stage. Inducing good bacteria helps ward off bad bacteria from developing in your meat in the early stages of curing. It is a very fast culture used ideally for spicy sausages like chorizo and cacciatore.

This starter culture is a natural culture and contains no artificial agents or preservatives.


To Use:

After your meat has been seasoned, sprinkle the culture over the surface of your meat and mix in well. You can fill immediately after mixing.

The culture will give your produce a slightly sticky feel to touch in the initial stages of fermentation, this is normal as the meat expels the excess moisture.

  • Natural culture
  • Lactic Bacteria
  • Induces good bacteria
  • Preventative against bad bacteria
  • Preservative free
  • Easy to use
  • Keep in the freezer

We recommend using this culture in conjunction with curing salt.