Tre Spade Manual Sausage and Salami Making Machine

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This unit is ideal for anyone interested in mincing and filling their own handmade fresh sausages and salami no matter what their experience level. It includes 2 x funnel attachment and 2 x mincing plates for making fresh sausages and salami.

Experience sausage and salami making on a luxury level with our fully stainless steel deluxe sausage maker from Tre Spade.

To make your sausage and salami making experience even more enjoyable we have also included two of our own Sausage Queen's authentic recipe mixes, one for making 2 kgs of fresh sausages and one for making 2 kgs of salami. All you need to do is add the meat and purchase your other consumables!

Hone your sausage and salami making skills then experiment with some of our other authentic recipe packs you can find online or in our kits and books.

Make your sausage and salami making an event to remember by involving your family and friends, create some new memories and some really tasty sausages and salami in the process.

This unit is used best in conjunction with our Made Simple Series publications:

  • Sausages Made Simple - A guide to making fresh sausages, buy here
  • Secrets in Salami - Revealing a delicious Italian tradition, buy here
  • Rump to Rafters - The traditional & tasty Italian way of curing meats, buy here

This kit contains:

  • Tre Spade stainless steel manual sausage and salami maker (Italian made mincer and filling machine with stainless steel knife and mincing plate) with clamp to attach to your kitchen table or bench - #8 size
  • Sausage funnel attachment
  • Salami funnel attachment
  • Extra plate for coarse mincing
  • 1 x recipe for 2kgs preservative free fresh sausages (gluten free)
  • 1 x recipe for 2kgs of salami (gluten free)

Weight: 4.3kg

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