Vacuum Sealing Bags - Heavy Duty Grade

$21.25 AUD

Brand Sausages Made Simple

Seal in freshness and succulence using these durable vacuum bags. Save your handmade produce up to 5 times longer than regular shelf life.

These bags are manufactured from a heavier weight material than our standard vacuum bags, giving them additional strength and thickness. They come in a variety of sizes, pre-cut for your convenience. Each edge has been heat welded forming an airtight seal, leaving one end open for you to insert your produce. Simply place the open end into your vacuum sealing machine and seal.

These bags are available in 50pce packs .

  • 50 piece pack sizes
  • Food grade plastic
  • Heavy duty
  • thicker, stronger and more durable than our standard bags
  • Ideal for camping or travelling
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Textured on one side - smooth on the other
  • Ready to use, no preparation required