Venison Spicy Salami Spice Pre-mix - Makes 5kg Salami

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Brand Sausages Made Simple

This salami recipe premix is part of our brand new game meats range. All the recipes in this range have been specifically developed to enhance the natural game flavours of your chosen meat – such as venison, rabbit, goat and others.

This recipe has been blended for the specific production of salami/cured sausages.

It is made from a combination blend of sweet spices with a hot chilli punch . The sweet spices bring out the natural characteristics in the meat, and chilli hit, well, that's for those that like it hot! .

This is an authentic recipe mix used for salami making. This recipe sachet contains no fillers, only natural ingredients. It has been blended by Sausage Queen, Sara Grazia to give your fresh sausage making experience a touch of authentic heritage at home.

This recipe is from our Game Meats range and has been developed, mastered and enjoyed by carnivores all over the world!

This recipe pre-mixes will make 5kg of salami 

  • Salami making recipe pre-mix
  • Pre-mixed and is ready to use
  • Makes 5kg of product
  • REcipe mix contains 1.25% nitrate salt
  • Gluten free
  • Flavour filled recipe
  • Simply add to minced meat
  • Instructions on pack
  • Can be used for other meats such as lamb, beef, rabbit and goat.

Not recommended to use for making fresh sausages

For maximum benefits, we recommend using our Salami casing cacciatore or  #43 size, along with a Salami Pricker and Salami Twine in conjunction with this product.