Whether in Italy or Australia this time of year is a perfect time to share festive platters. Plates filled with scrumptious morsels of salty delights teamed with creamy cheeses and crunchy seasoned vegetables, can make a lovely light start to a meal during a time of the year when we are all stressed to impress!


When we had our Sausages Made Simple restaurant "Aperitivo', we would often have clients more than content to have our antipasto plate as a meal as they had never tasted foods like that before. We would further delight them with our stories of where the recipes and  how Sara's title the 'Sausage Queen' originated from, which of course then led them to want to read the books including Secrets in Salami book and all of the various courses that followed. 

Platters Made to Order

We are now happy to be able to continue with our freshly sliced up platters, ready made to order for you to come and pick up for an instant centrepiece to your table or a starter platter to delight your friends and family.

Our selection includes the Smokey Chorizo, sweet cinnamon Venetian styled salami, Felino wine infused salami, Hot Hot salami and the ever popular Calabrian salami, pork neck sprinkled with Roman spices and succulent pancetta, beef bresaola with juniper berry and of course melt in your mouth Prosciutto.

If you purchase a platter valued at $55.00 or over we will give you a complimentary jar of 300gm locally produced fig jam.

Please be sure to preorder these platters about 24 hours before pick up to ensure we can have them ready and packed up for you. 


Surprise your Guests this Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Our Salami Bon Bons are back in stock and selling fast with real salami inside - this year we have the 3 flavours - sweet, savoury and hot - something for everyone! Christmas crackers were never filled with anything better! Bulk orders welcome.

Our Christmas ideas are fun and helpful in getting you through your Christmas shopping list. Let us help you have a stress free festive season by picking our unique, practical and attractive gifts.

- Under $50.00 Stocking fillers.

- Buy our Fresh Mediterranean Sausage Making Recipe Kit and get the Fresh Venison Sausage Making Recipe Kit for over 25% off.

- Make the perfect sausages and onion rings to match when you buy the $79.90 boxed Mediterranean Gourmet Box Kit - and receive a free Italian mandolin.

- Take our very own Sausage Queen Sara Grazia's instructional DVD home for FREE when you purchase the Deluxe Tre Spade #8 Manual Sausage & Salami Making Kit - valued at $29.90. Limited stock!

We are open everyday this week - including Saturday and Christmas Eve! (Sunday by appointment only)

Ciao Ciao!


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