Primevera Slicing

Primavera - Slicing in Spring time

November, the second last month of the year and the perfect spring time for a Spritz and an antipasto. For those of you who have made some lovely produce in the winter months like cured pork neck and cured bellies, now is the time after about a 3 month period to open and taste them.

Cutting up these larger meats can be quite the challenge and it helps if you have some nice sharp help on hand to get the job done. Sharp knives and slicers are definitely the way to go to get the finished product looking as professional as possible.

Here are some examples of the best way to slice and dice your tasty treats.

Essedue/SMS 220 Slicer

Our Sanelli range of ceramic knives are unique in their cutting ability. They can cut through a piece of salame as if it were butter, and leave the meat smooth without jagged edges. As well, the Sanelli specialist prosciutto knife is the ideal length and shape for cutting into your prosciuttini and small hams. Teamed up with our attractive carving stands from Europe to hold the ham and prosciutto in place, your anitapsto table would have never looked better!

Alternatively we like to step up and use our MEAT slicers. All made in Italy, they look good as well as being functionally great, they range in price to accommodate for lots of different budgets.

If you are lucky enough to be able to slice up some paper thin slithers of meats, why not roll them up with some lovely soft cheese and pop them on a crusty slice of bread to make a nice crostini roll. Don’t forget to drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and maybe some balsamic glaze to really impress your friends. I like to finely slice my solid mozzarella too so the slices are the same for both the meats and the cheeses.

The meat slicers can be adapted also for cutting bread with a serrated replacement blade and a Teflon blade for wetter items – making them the perfect multi tasker!

Watch out in the coming days to receive a discount code for this range of Sanelli knives and meat slicer products if you are a registered VIP customer with us and are interested in a useful gift for yourself or someone you know.

Ciao Ciao

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