Getting Off the Salami Trail

By: Sara Grazia

One of the benefits of my working trips in Italy is that I get to travel to a lot of new and exciting towns, villages and small farmlets that you would not normal see when you’re on holiday.

One of my favourite out of the way towns to visit in northern Italy is Bolzano. Nestled on the Italian and Austrian border, Bolzano is a small city of mixed cultures. Here you will find some of the best Italian flavours infused with traditional Austrian delicacies.

Gift Giving Just Got Exciting

Customise and Personalise your Salami and Sausage Making Gifts

By: Sara Grazia

At Sausage HQ we have a motto that's easy to remember... Keep It Simple!

That's why we are pleased to introduce you to our customised gift wrapping service. Simply click the 'add gift wrapping to my order' box at checkout, and let us know if you would like traditional Christmas wrapping or our very own custom Scooter Girl design.

Make gifting that much more exciting by adding a personal message, you write it and we'll print it! Add a unique and playful finish to all your gifts no matter what the occasion...

Secrets in Salami - Sharing the Secrets in Sydney

A Home Away From Home Salami Making Adventure

By: Sara Grazia

On a wintery Tuesday afternoon, the boys and I at Sausages HQ packed up suitcases full of salami making goodies ready for another traditional foodie adventure. This time we were off to Sydney, to share our Secrets in Salami making with New South Wales enthusiasts. Like each of our salami making journeys, it was an early and cold start to the day. With our bags all packed and weighed, we were bundled up tightly in our coats, hats and gloves and it was off to the airport to check in, have a quick coffee and then board our flight.

When we arrived in Sydney, the sun was blazing and the temperature …. Mild! Nothing like the weather we we’d just left back in Melbourne.

From Rump to Rafters - Day 2

A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

By: Sara Grazia


We hear about it everywhere lately, restaurants are offering it, top chefs are embracing it and everyone loves it Nose to Tail, Paddock to Plate name it what you like but this process is nothing new. From since I can remember my family has always processed food this way.

Its Day 2 of my traditional salami making and meat curing weekend. It wasn't quite the early start as it was the day before. This morning the sun is out and theres a cool breeze all in all the perfect weather for de-boning my pig and processing a pig.

From Rump to Rafters - Day 1

A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

By: Sara Grazia

Every year, early in the morning – I load up the car with all my salami making and meat curing supplies and equipment.

It’s 6am, dark and bitterly cold on a Friday morning, I’m all rugged up in my woolen beanie, coat and the thickest gloves I own and I’m off to go and collect a pig! Today is the first day of a 4 day salami making and meat curing adventure that me, mamma and co. undertake every year. This has been something we’ve always done ever since I can remember.

Back when I was younger, my parents reared their own pigs on the family farm. They were fattened up all year ready for a winter slaughter, something my father got the entire family involved in (and half the neighborhood).I don’t rear my own pigs now, it can get a little difficult in a little inner city Victorian terrace so I rely on local farmers to do the rearing for me.

Secrets in Sydney - Sausage Queen Shares Traditional Secrets With Sydneysiders

By: Sara Grazia

As winter dawns and many of us run for the comfort and warmth of our heated homes, there is a movement of people embracing the winter chills and using this ideal climate to produce their own handmade produce.

Lead by Australia’s Sausage Queen and cured meats connoisseur, Sara Grazia, scores of individuals are learning the traditional Italian methods, techniques and processes involved in making their own preservative free salami successfully at home.

Sara Grazia salami making

The Secret Life of the Salami Maker

Doing it for the girls, with the boys!

By: Sara Grazia

Sara Grazia tying salami

It's been a busy few weeks for me since winter has arrived. I've been visiting friends and avid salami and meat curing enthusiasts all over, as the curing season kicks off I'm going to be sharing my adventures with you.

Today's adventure is with an Italian friend of mine, Signore Attilio. I was invited over to help the family with some salami making, which lead into some pancetta production, capocollo and some other delicacies I've only every seen made in particular regions of Italy.

2014 Good Food and Wine Show

It’s that time of year again when the Good Food and Wine Show rolls into town and passionate food lovers get to see the best of what’s on offer

For three days from 30 May to 1 June, Sausages Made Simple will be at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre showing off a selection of our sausage, salami and cured meat making wares.

New Course Dates Announced

Now that winter has well and truly arrived it’s time to book into one of our classes and make some tasty treats.

We have scheduled a range of classes in June, July and August. Join us and learn to make fresh sausage, Salami, Prosciutto, Pancetta and Capocollo.

We look forward to seeing you there!