Salts & Spices

Rubbed spices on meat



Freshly Ground Spices

Create unique recipes using a selection of handpicked freshly ground spices. Choosing quality spices for your production will not only enhance the flavour of your produce, but also the colour and aroma.

We offer a quality range of freshly ground spices that we ourselves use for production and courses here at our Sausages Made Simple HQ. Our spices are pure and contain no fillers. They range from the more traditional sausage making spices like fennel seeds and black pepper, to more unique spices like aniseed and coriander seeds for regional salami making spices.  

Curing Salts

Curing salts are used to aid in the elimination of bad bacteria during the curing process as well as aiding in providing a uniform colour.

Curing salts are a built in security system for your cured goods and are recommended for beginner to advanced producers to use.  The main purpose of using curing salts is that they work as a deterrent for the botulism toxin which can be very dangerous if it infects the meat.    

Quality Sea Salts

We only use the best quality salts that come available in a fine, flossy and coarse grade. Enhance the taste of your produce with quality salts. You can taste the difference even in your every day foods by using good salts. You can even use these sea salts in your salt shaker on your kitchen table and fill your salt grinder with flossy or coarse salt to attain a fresh salty addition to finish off many tasty dishes at the dinner table.    

We all know that Italian food is well seasoned and only the best salts and spices will do. So make the best simple blends to more elaborate recipes with our tasty selection and enjoy experimenting with hot and spicy creative delights!

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