2015 Holiday Schedule

By: Sara Grazia

Happy New Year!

2015 has been a busy year here at Sausage HQ, we have:

  • taught more people than ever how to make their own fresh sausage, salami and cured meats
  • reintroduced our popular cheese making classes
  • sourced amazing products from around the globe and our Sausage HQ now stocks an even wider range of meat processing goods

    All this while renovating a glorious old building! So we will be taking a little break over the holiday period. Our last day of trade will be Thursday, 24 December 2015 until 16:00, reopening Monday, 11 January 2016.

    December 23, 2015 by Sara Grazia

    From Rump To Rafters - Day 4

    A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

    By: Sara Grazia

    It’s been an epic journey over the past few days and today we finish off the last of the meat curing. We’ve made kilograms of salami and now they're resting ready for hanging later in the afternoon. Before we get to that stage however there is still quite a lot of work to be done finishing off the pancetta, capocollo, prosciutto and other meats that will be cured over the next several months.

    Our variety of cuts have been under salt for the past couple of days and now need to be cleaned, seasoned, wrapped and hung. One of the downfalls of cleaning the meat is that it needs to be done using cold water and on a cold winters day, your hands feel very quickly like ice blocks. With 12 cuts to clean, it was looking to be a long and cold process. I have a cup of warm water at arms length and after every couple of cuts I clean, I stopped and wrap my hands around the cup to thaw them out. 

    From Rump to Rafters - Day 2

    A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

    By: Sara Grazia


    We hear about it everywhere lately, restaurants are offering it, top chefs are embracing it and everyone loves it Nose to Tail, Paddock to Plate name it what you like but this process is nothing new. From since I can remember my family has always processed food this way.

    Its Day 2 of my traditional salami making and meat curing weekend. It wasn't quite the early start as it was the day before. This morning the sun is out and theres a cool breeze all in all the perfect weather for de-boning my pig and processing a pig.

    From Rump to Rafters - Day 1

    A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

    By: Sara Grazia

    Every year, early in the morning – I load up the car with all my salami making and meat curing supplies and equipment.

    It’s 6am, dark and bitterly cold on a Friday morning, I’m all rugged up in my woolen beanie, coat and the thickest gloves I own and I’m off to go and collect a pig! Today is the first day of a 4 day salami making and meat curing adventure that me, mamma and co. undertake every year. This has been something we’ve always done ever since I can remember.

    Back when I was younger, my parents reared their own pigs on the family farm. They were fattened up all year ready for a winter slaughter, something my father got the entire family involved in (and half the neighborhood).I don’t rear my own pigs now, it can get a little difficult in a little inner city Victorian terrace so I rely on local farmers to do the rearing for me.