Salami Making with Friends in Italy

By: Sara Grazia

Salami Making with Friends

In a tiny village in northern Italy, miles away from anywhere stands what’s left of a medieval farming estate. Some of the buildings have been restored and are now weekend retreats for those working in the larger towns and cities surrounding Milan and Brescia, while others remain architectural sculptures of a passed era. It’s here where I am catching up with a very dear friend of mine, Signor Pierluigi.

Salami Making the Italian Way

Sausages Made Simple - Salami Making the Italian Way

The next few months will be heaven for many homemaking salami enthusiasts. The weather down south has finally gotten grey and miserable, the ideal time to get your casings ordered and soaking, your fillers cleaned, polished and placed front and centre on your table.

If you’ve not started preparing for this year’s salami making season, don’t panic, it’s not too late, there is plenty of curing time still to come. For those of you that have made some salami, why not make some more? You’ve made the family recipe, why not experiment with a few kilograms of something exciting just for yourself!

Sausages Made Simple at the 2015 Good Food and Wine Show

By: Sara Grazia

It’s that time of year again when the Good Food and Wine Show rolls into town and passionate food lovers get to see the best of what’s on offer.

Good Food and Wine ShowFrom 5 June to 8 June, Sausages Made Simple will be at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre stand K11, showing off a selection of our sausage, salami and cured meat making equipment and supplies. 

We look forward to seeing you there! however if you're not attending the show you can always buy online any time on our website, or drop by our new Sausage HQ at 118 Ireland Street, West Melbourne, 3003.

Click and Collect at Sausages Made Simple

By: Sara Grazia

To make your shopping experience more convenient Sausages Made Simple are now offering a CLICK and COLLECT option.

To CLICK and COLLECT simply:

  1. Choose the sausage and salami making products you want
  2. Add a note to your order specifying the day and time for collecting your purchase from the timetable below
  3. Select CLICK and Collect as the shipping method

    Your goods will be packed and ready to pick from our Sausage HQ at 118 Ireland St West Melbourne.

    A collection confirmation email will be sent out to you shortly after your order is placed with pick up details. Should you be unable to make the allocated time simply reply to the email and let us know which is more convenient for you.

    Fresh Sausage and Salami Making Casings Now Available - Sausages Made Simple

    By: Sara Grazia

    Fresh Sausage and Salami Making CasingsAs we’re seeing all over our TV screens, on the side of buses, trams, trains, taxi’s, on our PC and mobile devices "#WinterIsComing"… and it’s coming sooner than some of us have expected.
    For some winter means hiding under quilted covers in front of the heater and staying sheltered until spring arrives, while for others it’s time for some fantastic foodie fun. The time has come again to pull on your wellies, get your sleeves rolled up, invite over a friend or two and get your hands dirty with some ooey gooey sausage making fun.


    Winter 2015 Course Dates - Sausage | Salami | Cured Meats

    By: Sara Grazia

    Sara GraziaWinter is well and truly on its way, cold and miserable for some – but paradise for us here at our new Sausage HQ at 118 Ireland St, West Melbourne. What better time of year to start producing your own small goods simply and successfully at home? 

    We have a unique range of traditional Italian fresh sausage, salami and meat curing classes running throughout June, July and August. Take a look at what we have got on offer and get yourself booked in.

    I look forward to seeing you there!



    Melbourne’s New Sausage HQ

    Secret Sausage Business - Raising the Bar

    By: Sara Grazia

    As some of you may have worked out, over the past couple of months we have been busy redeveloping an historic Melbourne building into our new Sausage HQ.

    Sausages Made Simple - The Beginning

    Our new Sausage HQ will be the pinnacle of sausage making technology, flavours and all things mouth-wateringly scrumptious. We will be opening phase one of our redevelopment in just under a weeks’ time ready for the first of our 2015 courses. Our next phase – and to some the most exciting part of our redevelopment, will be opening in mid-April with our official opening at the beginning of May.


    Salami, Pancetta, Capocollo and More - It's Tasting Time!

    Salami Tastings and Happy Faces

    By: Sara Grazia

    Salami Tasting with Sara Grazia

    If there’s one thing I love in the world, it’s making my own salami and cured meats, my second greatest passion is when it’s time for tasting all these homemade delicacies I’ve spent days preparing and months nurturing and curing.

    Over the past week or so I’ve been busy doing final checks on all the produce I’ve made a few months back. You may recall my series of ‘From Rump to Rafters’ blog posts from when I processed the entire pig I was given for my birthday.

    Since then, the salami has been taken down and…….eaten! I decided to make another batch so that I could share it, but alas, that batch was also snapped up and eaten pretty quickly. There was nothing left to do other than make up a third batch! I was planning on making some more salami for mamma anyway, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to restock my personal supplies. Mamma has always used the same recipe for as long as I can remember, so that was going to be pretty straight forward. For my own stocks however I wanted to try a few different things, things I haven’t made in a while, so I picked a few recipes from my Secrets in Salami book at random and got started.

    Secrets in Salami - Sharing the Secrets in Sydney

    A Home Away From Home Salami Making Adventure

    By: Sara Grazia

    On a wintery Tuesday afternoon, the boys and I at Sausages HQ packed up suitcases full of salami making goodies ready for another traditional foodie adventure. This time we were off to Sydney, to share our Secrets in Salami making with New South Wales enthusiasts. Like each of our salami making journeys, it was an early and cold start to the day. With our bags all packed and weighed, we were bundled up tightly in our coats, hats and gloves and it was off to the airport to check in, have a quick coffee and then board our flight.

    When we arrived in Sydney, the sun was blazing and the temperature …. Mild! Nothing like the weather we we’d just left back in Melbourne.

    From Rump To Rafters - Day 3

    A Traditional Family Adventure With Mamma and Co.

    By: Sara Grazia

    sausages made simple salami making with sara grazia

    For the past 2 days I've  been busy breaking down a 200kg pig for the production of homemade sausages, salami and an array of cured meats. We've been to the farm, deboned the carcass, salted the meats, mixed recipes and now today we start producing.

    Day 3 is salami making day! This is always an exciting part of the process. This year we’re making 7 different types of salami. Usually we would only do a couple of variations, mamma's recipe – that has remained the same ever since I can remember. Over the years I've tried adding a change or two and every time I've been beaten away with a wooden spoon, so I learnt its best not to mess with a tried and tested formula.