Fresh Sausage and Salami Making Casings Now Available

By: Sara Grazia

As we’re seeing all over our TV screens, on the side of buses, trams, trains, taxi’s, on our PC and mobile devices "#WinterIsComing"… and it’s coming sooner than some of us have expected. 

For some winter means hiding under quilted covers in front of the heater and staying sheltered until spring arrives, while for others it’s time for some fantastic foodie fun. The time has come again to pull on your wellies, get your sleeves rolled up, invite over a friend or two and get your hands dirty with some ooey gooey sausage making fun.

We’ve just received a fresh batch of top quality, locally processed fresh sausage and salami casings. These are natural animal casings, cleaned and fragrance free, ready for use.
Why use natural casings? Why not! Apart from the fun and games you’ll have with their ooey gooeyness, being natural skins gives them a natural elasticity which makes them less prone to breakage. As the meat fills the casing, the casing will stretch a little making filling easier.
Fresh Sausage and Salami Making CasingsThe casings are also packed in salt, naturally preserving them, so all you need to do is cut off and rinse the lengths you want to use and put the rest back in the fridge until you’re ready to make your next batch of produce.

So long as you leave the unused casings in the salt they’ll last for months refrigerated, so there’s no urgency to use them up all at once.
If you’re wanting to make your sausage or salami making experience that little bit more fun (and tasty) try using our fresh sausage and salami casings, they’re the same ones used by our Sausage Queen, Sara Grazia at our Sausage HQ. They’ve been tried and tested and have our SQ (Sausage Queen) seal of approval.

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