It's the First of May and a month has passed since being named one of the "6 reasons to visit North Melbourne" by The Age. What can we say, we are happy to announce a second Secrets in Salami Making Master Class on 31st of May to accommodate extra salami making students.


The last week in April brought us some nice perfect salami making weather. I always delight in the cool temperatures and the rainy moments where you know that the crisp winter months are not far away. I also remember my wonderful winter in Italy a few years ago. 


For salami enthusiasts this sparks the fact that they need to get their gear organised and arrange to plan ahead the things that they would love to remake from the years before and maybe even try some new recipes. For the newcomers, we welcome you to our magical world where we transform the simplest of meat into delightful fermented treats for family and friends to enjoy. I always warn my students, that they can be sure to attract many people as new friends who claim they wish to help in the process of making the salami, but somehow tend to be available only at the time of tasting! I laugh at these thoughts and urge my students to insist the only tasters at the end are the helpers from the beginning.


I find this season a great excuse to get your family and friends together to make big batches of much loved recipes. If you feel inclined to take the tried and tested route, don’t forget that our salami and spice kits are full of flavour and are super easy to use, just by adding to your meat mix. We have had to increase production this year on our most popular Cacciatore packs and our Salame Piccante for the hot and spicy enthusiasts. I admit to being a lover of these lovely spicy mixes as they just make it very easy to make a few different recipes without the build up of spices at home. Fresh and simple has always worked for me and I love to pass these traditional recipes on.    


Check out our full stock of our latest recipes in store and get the winter months off to an exciting start. Doing it early enough in the season permits you to make a second, third and fourth batch so you will never run out!

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