By: Sara Grazia

I recently shared my traditional salami making experience with you all. My mamma and I made quite the bounty, and I hope that you enjoyed the photos that we shared with you.

This week I’m excited to share with you the continued and fascinating journey of our artisan cured meats making.

We've been busy preparing this year’s capocollo. Under my mamma’s watchful eye we began. She still thinks I’m far too young to know all her secrets and preparation methods, but she taught me well, and when she doesn't see me looking, I glimpse a proud smile cross her lips.

Making capocollo with mamma

After the meat has been resting under the salt for some time, my mamma allows me to prepare her recipe. This recipe has been handed to her from her mother, and ever since I can remember, each year she makes it always the same. A tasty combination of mild spices and crushed peppers. A simple recipe, but one that is packed with flavour.

Before you ask for the details of the recipe, unfortunately I can’t say. Not only am I sworn to secrecy, but also there is no written ingredient list. Like many artisan producers from generations past, recipes were prepared by eye (and finger dipping –a process whereby a few flavours are added, then you would dip your finger, and taste… If it’s not quite right, you could always add some more of this or that).

Once the meat has been seasoned and hung, a wonderful perfume fills my mamma’s purpose built outdoor kitchen. The scent is sweet and peppery. Now I just have to be patient until Christmas time when these delicacies will be sliced and served with some of my mamma’s freshly baked bread.


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