By: Sara Grazia

My isn't time flying! May is only one more night sleep away and then the salami party begins!

Yes that means rain clouds, wellingtons and woollen jumpers, but on the sunny side, you’ll be treated to tasty and succulent salami and other delicious cured Italian meats.

As many of you know, we love a good firm sausage here at Sausages HQ, and now is the ideal time for you artisan foodie producers to get things prepared and ready to go. If you haven't started already, now is the time to get those mincers and sausage fillers dusted off, greased up and ready for action. 

Get your hygrometers hanging from now to find the ideal curing space, and start getting your orders in for your salami casingscuring wrap sheetscuring net, and any other supplies you will need.

If you're not familiar with the process involved with salami making or curing meats and would like to give it go, we offer a range of reference materials as well as interactive and practical hands-on classes to help get you started.

Sausages Made Simple courses are the original and still the best.

It’s going to be a very exciting few months here at Sausage HQ and we look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

By: Sara Grazia
Sausages Made Simple


Cured Meats and Salami Making Classes


Join the Salami Party!


Our cured meats and salami making classes have kicked off this year with great success. There will be sausages hung up, ready for curing all over the country over the next few weeks. Why not join in the salami party and learn to make fresh and succulent produce of your your own? 

In our curing classes you will learn the methods involved in producing your very own salami, capocollo , pancetta, prosciutto and other cured Italian meats - ready for drying at home.

We offer practical, hands-on courses, where you will make the fresh produce yourself, which you will then hang and cure at home - as well as our interactive demonstration courses. All courses cover the process from meat, right through to hanging and drying. 
Curing your own meats can be a very rewarding pastime when done correctly, and your friends and family are going to love coming to visit when they know what is going to be waiting for them on your kitchen table.
Why not book yourself into a course and enjoy the rewards for years to come. Gift Vouchers are also available for those wishing to purchase a unique gift for a friend or family member.
These classes are ideal for beginners, hobbyist and even experienced professionals.

Our curing classes are currently available for booking and run throughout the winter months. Course dates for July, August and September will be listed shortly. <Book Online>

Queensland Classes in Fresh Sausage and Salami Making

Thank you Queensland!

We would like to thank everyone that participated in our classes. We had a fantastic time - I even learned a few new sausage jokes to add to my book.

You were all great students and it was a pleasure sharing my knowledge of traditional Italian sausage making with you. I look forward to seeing and hearing about how your sausage making adventures go. 

For those of you that missed out on our sausage and salami making classes this time, keep your emails active, and your Twitter and Facebook accounts on standby, we're coming back, and soon!

We are in the process of finalising dates, please register your interest in taking part in this class.

<Register your interest>

Salami Making Essentials

Get the right stuff

To successfully produce quality salami and cured meats at home there are a few vital supplies that you will need.

Get the correct supplies from the beginning and avoid the disappointment of your cured sausages and meats from spoiling.

Analogue and Digital Hygrometers.

Used for reading the temperature and humidity of the drying environment.
Sausage Fillers

Sausage Fillers

Used to simply and easily fill casings with your freshly prepared meat mix.
Salami Casings

Salami Casings

Fresh casing, dried casing, collagen stick casings. All very easy to prepare and use.
Curing Wraps

Curing Wraps

Used to encase your cured meats before netting, and hanging.
Salami Pricker
Used to 'prick' out any air bubbles trapped within the casing after filling.
Filling Funnels
A variety of sizes available for different sized machines. Make filling easy.
Mincing Knife

Mincing Knife

Stainless steel and Italian made. Self sharpening when used with a stainless steel mincing plate.
Mincing Plates - Salami Making

Mincing Plates - Salami Making

Stainless steel and Italian made. Used for getting a chunkier grind of mince, ideal for salami making.

Curing Net

Curing Net

Used to keep your salami and cured meats tightly bound while drying.
Netting Tubes

Netting Tubes

Available in different sizes, used to easily apply curing net




Salami Making Made Simple


Salami Making Kit

This is a great recipe kit for those that wish to make and cure a small batch of their own salami and chorizo at home. We have enclosed all the necessary supplies that you are going to need to produce full flavoured smallgoods in the convenience of your kitchen.

Get the kids involved, the rest of the family and friends, and create some lasting memories, as well as some delicious fresh produce using our premixed spice recipes.


Using a sausage filler will help fill you casings tightly and firmly, as is required for producing successful salami and chorizo. 

If you do not have a sausage filling machine, you can view our available options here.

If you are making salami, don't forget you will need to invest in a salami mincing plate, a mincing knife, and a filling funnel that is 20mm diameter or larger.


Unique Foodie Courses

Winter Course Dates

Our 2013 Autumn/Winter course dates are now available for booking online.

Book on-line today..


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