By: Sara Grazia

My isn't time flying! February has already past and March has kicked off with burst. The Autumn doesn't seem to have arrived and the heatwave in the south continues (which means continual barbeques and fresh sausage making for another few weeks at least!).

Of course with the cooler weather comes salami making time! My favourite time of the year! the upcoming Easter weekend is one that is usually full of salami making preparation for me and my family. Checking machinery and counting casings and other necessary supplies.

If you've always wanted to make your own salami then check out the courses and book a place for yourself, and come and learn with me. If you cant make a course check out our Digital Sausage DVD, and we all need equipment!

It’s going to be a very exciting few months here at Sausage HQ and we look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

By: Sara Grazia
Sausages Made Simple

Sausages Made Simple News

Cured Meats and Salami Making Classes

It’s hard to believe, looking out your window at the continuous sunshine that the meat curing season is almost upon us. Yes that means rain clouds, wellingtons and woollen jumpers, but on the sunny side, you’ll be treated to tasty and succulent salami and other cured Italian meats.
We will be starting our 2013 curing classes in March, with our cured meats and salami making class.
In this class you will learn the methods involved in producing your very own salami, capocollo and pancetta, ready for drying at home. This is an intensive course that covers the process from meat, right through to hanging and drying.
Curing your own meats can be a very rewarding pastime when done correctly, and your friends and family are going to love coming to visit when they know what is going to be waiting for them on your kitchen table.
Why not book yourself into the course and enjoy the rewards for years to come. Gift Vouchers are also available for those wishing to purchase a unique gift for a friend or family member.
These classes are ideal for beginners, hobbyist and even experienced professionals

Course Date: Starting March 2013, 6:30 -9:00pm <Book Online>

Queensland Classes 

It's been a busy start to the year for us so far, and things don't look to be slowing down. 
The team at Sausages HQ have been wrapping and mailing products  all over the world, we've been to visit our friends in New Zealand to share our sausage love, and now Queensland - we're coming to visit you!.

On April 22nd, we will be bringing our  'Fresh Sausage and Salami Making Intensive' course to Kitchen EssentialsTully QLD.
Throughout the lesson you will discover age old Italian curing methods, techniques, recipes (and of coarse a few secrets), as well as how to produce fresh sausages using fresh, natural ingredients. Best of all, everything we make during the class will be tossed onto the barbeque at the end of the evening for us all to enjoy. <More Details>

Enquiries can be made through Sonia at Kitchen Essentials (07) 4068 2211
Or Sausages Made Simple <Book Online>

Must Haves...

Digital Sausage

If you are unable to make it to one of our fantastic sausage, salami or cured meats courses, and want to give it a go yourself properly (in more detail than you can get on the Internet), then you can load up our digital sausage.
Our Sausage Making Using Traditional Methods and Techniques DVD gives you a comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge to successfully produce tasty and succulent sausages and small goods easily at home.

Join our resident Sausage Queen, Sara Grazia, and enjoy the interactive learning experience from start to finish.
**We are offering free shipping on this product for the month of March, Australian Residents Only**
This is a must have for every sausage fan. <Buy Now>

Calabrian Salami Making Kit

Ever wanted to try making your own salami at home? well now you can simply and easily with our Calabrian Salami Making Kit.
This kit is a favourite with a majority of our customers, and it is now BACK IN STOCK!

It couldn't be any simpler. Enclosed in each kit is our Calabrian Salami and Chorizo pre-mix recipe sachets. Simply add the mix to your meat and mix well. We've also added some casings for you to fill and some specialised curing net to keep them tightly bound throughout the drying and curing process. In a few weeks time, succulent cured sausages for everyone to enjoy.

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