Our highly demanded Secrets in Salami Making Master Class comes to Sydney in July 2014.

By: Sara Grazia

As winter dawns and many of us run for the comfort and warmth of our heated homes, there is a movement of people embracing the winter chills and using this ideal climate to produce their own handmade produce.

Lead by Australia’s Sausage Queen and cured meats connoisseur, Sara Grazia, scores of individuals are learning the traditional Italian methods, techniques and processes involved in making their own preservative free salami successfully at home.

Sara Grazia salami making

Sara has spent many years with artisan producers in Italy, meticulously perfecting the variety of skills involved in producing the ideal salami, filled with authentic flavours, fragrant aromatics and mouth-watering aesthetic appeal. “We Italians like our food to look as good as it tastes” says Sara. “It’s difficult to beat the salami recipes my mamma makes, recipes that have been mastered over generations, blending fresh, pure and unspoilt ingredients”.

Sara Grazia salami makingSara Grazia salami making

Sara was brought up in a traditional Italian household where her family were self-sufficient growing, rearing and producing much of their own food. From an early age, Sara observed her mamma preparing and producing food from scratch. Over time, and with patience, these skills and knowledge were passed on to her, skills which Sara now passes onto to eager foodie enthusiasts through her Secrets in Salami master classes.

Secrets in Salami is a practical demonstration of traditional artisan methods that have been practised and mastered over centuries. In Sara’s salami salon you will embark on a journey full of tradition, flavour, succulence and memories. Whether you’re a seasoned salami maker, or a first time producer, there will be secrets to learn, techniques to develop and methods to master.

Sara Grazia salami makingSara Grazia salami making


Where: EJ Ward Community Centre. 

Address: 189 Underwood St, Paddington, NSW 2021 

When: Wednesday 16 July 2014 3:30pm – 6:00pm and 6:30pm – 9:00pm.


Sara Grazia salami making - salami hanging

Group bookings of 4 people or more will receive a discounted rate, details can be viewed on our bookings page. The more people in your group, the bigger your discount.




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