By Sara Grazia:

Secrets in Salami is a master class in a book. Based on one of my most well attended classes, Secrets in Salami is a reference guide to those who wish to successfully produce their own salami at home. All natural, gluten free, preservative free, and with no nitrates or nitrites.

Based on traditional Italian methods and techniques that have been practiced and mastered over centuries, discover a hands-on journey full of tradition, flavour, succulence and memories. Whether you're a seasoned salami maker, or a first time producer, there will be secrets to learn, techniques to develop and methods to master. You will also discover the particulars required for your drying environment, which is essential for salami making success.

After months of preparation, and with the assistance of my Mamma, I am happy to offer the 2nd instalment to my ‘Made Simple’ series. With 132 pages of salami preparation, secrets, methods and techniques, I’ve also thrown in some recipes for you to try – a few family favourites as well as some popular artisan mixes.

This is a fully Illustrated book with live action pictures taken of Mamma and me making the annual batch of salami for the family from scratch, just as we do it every year – a tradition, I hope that lasts for many more years to come.

Secrets in Salami is a book about sharing the skills and knowledge involved in a rarely seen process. Indulge your curiosity and create a salami making tradition of your own with your neighbour, community group, friends or family, and help me maintain an historical food art for many more generations to embrace and experience.



By: Sara Grazia

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