By: Sara Grazia

An interview I did recently with the AU Review was published today. Of course it deals with a few of my favourite things, sausages, salami, Italy and my passion for sharing each one of these!

You can read the interview by clicking of the following link

An Excerpt from the Interview 

What types of health benefits can sausages have?

Fresh sausages make for a very healthy convenience food that can be made quickly and teamed up with tasty low fat accompaniments. If you decide to make your own, you can also control how much fat, salt and other ingredients goes into them tailoring the finished product to suit your dietary needs and requirements. Make them low fat, low cholesterol, low/no salt, high fibre – whatever it is you need you can produce.

Eating as part of a balanced diet, you can improve your health and fitness by combining the right ingredients, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste.Quality sausages don’t need to be fried in oil, they can be poached, grilled or baked using their natural fats and oils.


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